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How does Safe Places work?

  • Stickers like the one at the top of this page are placed in the window of all the registered safe places. The staff or volunteers in safe places will assist anyone who goes to them for help.

  • Safe Places members are sent a pack containing a Keep Safe Card. Members should write the name and phone number of a helper or carer on this card and carry it round with them when they are out in Sheffield. If they need help, they can then enter a Safe Place, explain the problem or show their Keep Safe Card.

  • Staff will contact the helper on the Keep Safe Card and support the person. They can also help by calling the emergency services if necessary.

  • If someone has experienced hostility because of their disability then they may have experienced a hate incident or hate crime. Safe Places can support the person to report this to the police.
A cartoon showing a lost safe places member going to a safe place to get help
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