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How does Safe Places work?

  • Stickers like the one at the top of this page are placed in the window of all the registered safe places. The staff or volunteers in safe places will help anyone who comes in. We have made sure they are trained up, friendly and accessible

  • Safe Places members are sent a pack containing a Keep Safe Card. Members should write the name and phone number of a helper or carer on this card in case of an emergency. For example you loose your phone or wallet. If you need help, you can then enter a Safe Place, explain the problem or show your Keep Safe Card.

  • Staff will contact the helper on the Keep Safe Card and support the person. They can also help by calling the emergency services if necessary or you can sit in a quiet space until you feel ready to leave again. 

  • If someone has experienced bullying or a hate crime because of their disability, race, sex, gender, religion or belief.  Safe Places can support the person to report this to the police and be someone to talk to. Safe Places have been trained to spot these crimes. 

Examples of why people have used our Safe Places​

​1. Being followed home from work by a man

2. having bag stolen

3. running away from a abusive relationship 

4. being stung by a bee and not knowing what to do

5. wheelchair braking

6. feeling lost and anxious in town 

7. having a panic attack and wanting a quiet space 

8. visiting a new city and being nervous about where is safe. (there are safe places registered safe places across the country) 

9. being separated from a carer and not knowing how to get home 

​10. being shouted at in the street because of how you look.

These are just some real stories of people using Safe Places in Sheffield. But you are always welcome in a Safe Place whatever the reason. 

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SP wallet (2).JPG
A cartoon showing a lost safe places member going to a safe place to get help
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